Electric pencil hardness tester


This machine is specially used for all kinds of finished products, such as: mobile phone shell, MP3/MP4 shell, notebook computer shell and other kinds of home appliances digital product shell hardness test.The machine is electrically controlled, and the machine is driven by an AC speed-regulating motor to achieve left and right movement with low noise and stability.

Electric pencil hardness tester

Technical parameters:

Test Angle45 degrees
Load: adjustable500g, 750g, 1000g
Test platform moving speed5~100 RPM, adjustable
Travel distance40mm
Platform approx. 12x17cm, can be fixed sample
Power supply220V / 50Hz
Accessories13 standard pencils, one for 6B~6H, one for 500g weight and two for 250g weight

Electric pencil hardness tester


  1. Suitable for testing the hardness of paint field, specifically used in metal coating, decorative materials, synthetic leather, etc.
  2. The test method of pencil hardness tester meets the requirements of ASTMD333, ISO15184, BS3900-E19, ECCA-T4/1 standard.
  3. Pencil hardness tester uses standard hardness to perform scratch test on the surface of tested products.To determine the surface hardness of the product according to the standard pencil hardness mark.

Electric pencil hardness tester

Test instructions:

The surface hardness of the coating layer is tested by scratching the surface of the coating layer with a hardness pencil. The hardness pencil is fixed at a 45° Angle, so that the front center of the pen is in contact with the surface of the coating layer, and the appropriate load is applied. According to a certain speed (JIS specification 0.5mm/ s), the test platform is moved to make the surface of the coating layer move through the pen center.The hardness of the coating is considered to be the softest pencil grade in which the coating does not cause damage (scratches)


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