JBW-300Z Automatic Metal Impact Tester(Automatic Feed)

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JBW-300Z Automatic Metal Impact Tester

Performance description:

Jbw-300z impact test machine is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality of materials under dynamic load.

The machine for microcomputer control automatic feeding machine, operation is simple and high efficiency, Yang pendulum is, impact, electrical control, and can use the surplus energy of thrust sample after automatic Yang place ready for the next test, especially new do impact test impact test lab and a lot of metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

JBW-300Z Automatic Metal Impact Tester

 Technical features

  1. This machine is a microcomputer screen explicit automatic feeding impact testing machine, which is controlled by PC microcomputer. It can realize the microcomputer operation such as lifting pendulum, feeding, impact, measurement, operation, screen digital display and printing.The residual energy is used to automatically lift the pendulum after the impact sample.Especially in the continuous impact test laboratory and a large number of impact tests in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries can reflect its advantages.The computer can calculate and show the material shock absorption, pendulum Angle and test average value.Remote data transfer can also be implemented according to user needs.
  2. The main engine of the test machine is a single-supported column structure, with cantilever type hanging swing mode and pendulum hammer type C;
  3. The impact knife is installed and fixed with screw, which is easy to replace;
  4. Simple beam support for the sample;
  5. The host is equipped with safety protection pin and safety protection net;
  6. Manual control box and computer control, complete the whole process of sampling, feeding, impact, automatic swing and re-impact test as instructed.
  7. The test machine is in line with GB/ t3803-2002 “test of pendulum impact machine”, and the impact test of metal materials is conducted according to GB/ t229-2007 “method of charpy pendulum impact test of metal materials”.

JBW-300Z Automatic Metal Impact Tester

Technical Specification

No Item Unit Specification
1. Host machine
1 Impact energy J 300J

(The energy switch can be completed by replacing the pendulum)

2 Prelift Angle of pendulum Degree 150°
3 Angle minimum resolution Degree  0.1°
4 Impact speed m/s  5.24m/s
5 Sample support span  40㎜
6 The radius of arc at the end of the sample support  1~1.5㎜
7 Bearing Angle of sample support Degree  11°±1°
8 Impact blade radius mm  2㎜,8㎜(It is easy to replace the blade without replacing the pendulum)
9 Angle of impact Blade Degree  30°±1°
10 Impact blade thickness mm  16㎜
11 Minimum resolution J  0.1J
2, Automatic feeding device
1 Automatic feeding device Sample delivery: pneumatic

Positioning method: pneumatic


A maximum of 20 pcs u-shaped or v-shaped specimens can be installed at one time
3 Auxiliary system
1 computer /  HP computer
2 Printer / HP inkjet printers
3 shield / Removable for easy access