LR-1220S Automatic Plug And Pull Force Testing Machine

Product introduction:
This machine is suitable for all kinds of connector insertion force and output test, tie-in patent device, design the automatic evaluation of heart will receive exactly the insertion force test, the use of WINDOWS, WINDOWS Chinese screen set, simple and convenient operation, and all data can be stored (test conditions, the displacement curve, the life curve, check the report…Etc.)
LR-1220S Automatic Plug And Pull Force Testing Machine

Machine specification:
The maximum load was 50, 20 and 5kg
The minimum decomposition energy is 0.01kg or 1g
The maximum measured height is 150mm
The measured speed range is 0~100mm/min
X.Y axis movement range 0~75mm
Drive mechanism ball screw
Appearance size 360*260*940mm
Weight: 67kg (machine)
Power supply AC 110V or 220V

LR-1220S Automatic Plug And Pull Force Testing Machine

Test items:
Connector single hole plug test
Connector whole row plug and pull test
Connector plug life test
Connector single PIN with plastic retention test
Connector NORMAL FORCE test
General compression, tensile failure test
Simultaneous connection with contact impedance machine (optional)
Plug and pull force testing machine features:
Printable and storable graphs (displacement curve, life curve, inspection report)
Test data are stored on a hard disk (each data set can be stored for an unlimited number of times)
Test conditions are set by the computer screen, convenient and fast (including plug and pull stroke, speed, pause time…Etc.)
The contents of the test report header can be modified at any time (both in Chinese and English)
Check report can be transferred to EXCEL for editing

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