Purpose of directional drop tester:
This machine is designed to evaluate the effect of product drop on product performance in actual use by customers. It is suitable for: mobile phone, PDA, telephone, electronic dictionary, CD, MP3, adapter, battery and other small consumer electronic products for original posture and acceleration drop test.

Mobile phone directional drop tester features:
1. The machine adopts electric components for test height adjustment, quick positioning and durable use;
2. The machine adopts Japanese SMC vacuum sucker to achieve multi-angle drop, which is suitable for test of diamond, Angle and surface;
3. The drop Angle of the product is close to the set Angle of the test;
4. Drop test can automatically rise to the set height, which is convenient for operation and improves test efficiency;
5. All pneumatic components are Japanese SMC quality components, durable use;
6. A variety of drop plates are available: steel plate, transparent acrylic board, wood board), cement board, and marble board, which are applicable to the test requirements of many countries (standard product marble drop medium).
7. Automatic counting (drop times) function;
8. Touch screen control, simple and convenient parameter setting

Mobile phone directional drop tester technical specifications:

1. Maximum test height: 300~1800mm(adjustable)
2. Maximum weight drop: 1kg
3. Minimum lifting height: 300mm
4. Counter: 0~999999
5. Air source: 0.5mpa
6. Machine size: W700xD1000xH2400mm
7. Machine weight: 150kg
8. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 3A

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