This machine is used to test the degree of color of dyed fabrics and leather.The test method is based on a dry or wet white cotton cloth wrapped in a friction cone, and then the reciprocating friction clip is on the test bench to assess the stain fastness level.

According to the standard: ISO-105, ASTM-D2054, AATCC-8, JIS-L0849

  1. Model: double hammer electrodynamic
  2. Test: 140 x 50mm
  3. Load: 9N
  4. Motor: 1/4HP
  5. Friction speed: 60 C.P.M.
  6. Friction distance: 100 mm
  7. Friction hammer: psi 16 by 25mm
  8. Counter: digital display, 0~999,900
  9. The volume (D * W * H) : 55 * 50 * 45 ㎝


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