LR-300   Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Product Introduction:

LR-300 is the company launched DSC series of products with the highest accuracy of one, the sensor is the use of imported material E-couple, high precision, high sensitivity, good repeatability, signal acquisition circuit shielding protection, strong anti-interference, baseline stability and repeatability is very high.

LR-300 differential scanning calorimeter, can be glass transition temperature, phase transition temperature, melting point, enthalpy value, curing temperature and product stability, oxidation induction period and other tests. It is qualified for the research of pipe, polymer, chemical, food, medical and other fields, and serves universities, enterprises, third-party measurement and quality inspection units, with a wide range of applications to meet the testing needs of various industries.

LR-300   Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Technical parameters:

1.Temperature range: room temperature ~550℃

2 temperature resolution: 0.001℃

3 temperature fluctuation :±0.001℃

4.Temperature repeatability :±0.01℃

5.Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 80℃/min

6.Constant temperature time: program setting ≤24h

7.Temperature control mode: heating, constant temperature, cooling (automatic program control)

8.DSC range: 0 ~ ±600mW

9.DSC resolution: 0.01uW

10.DSC sensitivity: 0.001mW

11.Power supply: AC220V/50Hz or customized

12.Atmosphere control gas: nitrogen, oxygen (program setting/automatic switch)

13.Gas flow: 0-300ml /min

14 gas pressure: 0.2mpa

15.Display mode: 24bit color, 7 inch LCD touch screen display

16.Data interface: standard USB interface

17.Parameter standard: equipped with standard material (indium, tin), users can adjust the temperature by themselves

18.The instrument has multiple groups of thermocouples, one group to measure sample temperature, one group to measure furnace body temperature, and one group to measure internal environment temperature

19.Cooling device: air cooling device (optional semiconductor & LT; – 40 ~ 550 ℃ & gt; Liquid nitrogen refrigeration < – 150 ~ 550 ℃ & gt;)

LR-300   Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Technical features:

  1. Industrial grade 7 inch touch screen, display rich information
  2. New furnace body structure, better baseline, higher accuracy. Heating adopts indirect conduction mode, high uniformity and stability, reduce pulse radiation, better than the traditional heating mode.

3.USB communication interface, strong commonality, reliable communication without interruption, support self-recovery connection function.

  1. Automatic switching of two air flow, fast switching speed, short stability time. At the same time, a protective gas input is added.
  2. Software is simple and easy to operate.
  3. Ultra-high sensitivity, accuracy, 0.001 MW, 0.001℃
  4. Exquisite technical indicators, superior performance, cost-effective, widely used

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