LR-A042   Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

1.Product introduction, implementation standards and instrument composition:

² Introduction: pipe pressure blasting testing machine is mainly used for ultra-high pressure pipeline and container hydraulic instantaneous blasting and long-term constant pressure under the determination of damage resistance time, Mainly used in metal thermoplastic pipes, reinforced thermoplastic pipe, tubing, cylinders, hydraulic components, pressure vessel, pipeline in aerospace pressure vessel, pipeline engineering hydraulic hose, automotive hose, and other areas of the ultrahigh pressure resistant test, is all manufacturers, research institutes, quality inspection departments necessary testing instruments.

Standard Requirements: GB6111, GB/T15560, GB/T10002.1, GB/T10002.3, GB/T 18252, CJ/T108, ISO 1167, ISO 9080, ASTM F1335, ASTM D 1598, ASTM D 1599.

Components of instrument: Pressure control system, constant temperature media box and sealing fixture. The specifications and models of each part are selected by users, and can also be customized by customers.

LR-A042   Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

2.pressure control system:

(I) Host features:

  • Modular design:The main program control adopts Taiwan delta Programmable controller modular independent electronic control system, which can be removed or installed according to the requirements of different modules, strong versatility, high stability, low maintenance cost.
  • Several use purposes:it can not only carry out long-term hydrostatic test of pipeline, but also do instant blasting test of pipe (blasting and pressure test can be carried out for each road).
  • Excellent prformance,reliable long-term operation, extremely high stability, one way multi-port test efficiency, low use cost, good economic benefits.
  • Wide pressure control range:The pressure control range of each station is 0.4-10mpa.
  • High reliability assurance: electrical, mechanical and software parts are equipped with safety protection Integrated modular assembly:equipped with microcontrol unit and solenoid valve control unit, do not interfere with each other, test breakdown of one station does not affect the normal test of other stations.
  • Full-featured:rupture identification, real-time monitoring, power outage protection, power failure protection, automatic call recovery, host data store can be stored offline for 7 days, automatic increase time, manual increase time, change test pressure during the test.LR-A042   Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

    Technical Specification


    Hydrostatic Pressure Tester
    Control methodsPC control
    Test pipe diameter rangeФ16mm-Ф1600mm
    Max test pressure10MPa/16MPa(can customize)

    Number of test stations



    1-60 work station(Optional)
    Data saveWith power failure data protection function, can be restored after boot
    TimeTime range0-10000h
    Time accuracy±0.1%
    temporal resolution1s
    Minimum setting unitmin
    PressurePressure control range0.4 MPa~10MPa

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