LR-B002 UV Weather Tester

Uses:Widely used in paint,coating,plastic &rubber material,printing &packing,adhesive,car&motorcycle,cosmetic,

metal,electron,electroplate industry,etc.

Standard:Common standard:ISO 4892-1 ,ASTM G151 ,ASTM G154 ,JISD0205• SAEJ2020

Paint Standard: ASTM D3794 ,ASTM D4587 ,FED-STD-141B ,GM 9125P • JIS K 5600-7-8 ,ISO 11507 ISO 20340 ,M598-1990 ,NACE TM-01-84 ,NISSAN M0007 ,PrEN 927-6

LR-B002 UV Weather Tester

Adhesive glue Standard:

ASTM C1184 ,ASTM C1442 ,ASTM D904 ,ASTM D5215 ,UNE 104-281-88

Plastic Standard:

ISO4892-3 ,ANSIC57.12.28 ,ANSI,A14.5 ,ASTMD4329 ,ASTMD4674 ,ASTMD5208 ,ASTMD6662 ,

DIN 53384 ,JUI K 3750 ,UNE35.104

LR-B002 UV Weather Tester

Roofing materials standards:

ANSI/RMAIPR-1-1990 ,ASTM D4799 ,ASTM D4811 ,ASTM D3105 ,ASTM D4434 ,BS D5019

BS 903: PartA54 ,CGSB-37.54-M ,DIN EN534

Printing,Ink material standards:

ASTM D3424 ,ASTMF1945

Fabrics Standards

AATCC TM 186 ,ACFFA Guideline

Technical parameters:

Working chamber size(CM)45×117×50
Outside size(CM)70×135×145
Rate of power4.0(KW)
Tube numberUV Lamp 8, each side 4




Temperature RangeRT+10℃~70℃
Humidity Range≥95%R.H
Tube Distance35mm
Distance between sample and tube50mm
Supporting sample plate quantityLength 300mm×Width75mm,About 20 pcs
Ultraviolet wavelength290nm~400nm UV-A340
Tube rate of power40W
Control systemControllerKorea TEMI 880
Illumination heating systemAll autonomous system,nichrome heating.
Condensation Humidity SystemStainless steel surface evaporative humidifier
Blackboard temperatureThermometal blackboard thermometer
water supply systemHumidification water supply uses automatic controlling
Exposure WayMoisture condensation exposure and illumination radiation exposure
Safety protectionleakage、short circuit、over-temperature、hydropenia、overcurrent protection

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