BGD 310 Automatic Cupping Tester

It is a kind of Automatic Cupping Tester. On the base of digital Cupping Tester, its indenter can go up at the standard speed of 0.1-0.3mm/s, eliminating the error caused by hand lifting.

Moreover, automatic cupping tester is equipped with an electronic magnifier and matched display. Operator can clearly observe the crack of the specimen and the detachment of the film from the substrate, ensuring easy operation and high precision.
It conforms ISO 1520 《Paints and varnishes — Cupping test》, BS 3900 Part 4, DIN 53166, DIN 53233 etc.

BGD 310 Automatic Cupping Tester


◆ Indenter goes up automatically at a constant speed of 0.1-0.3mm/s: the results are more reliable and comparable.
◆ Automatic coordinate positioning system: the instrument can memorize the Zero position after being zeroed, and automatically locate the indenter’s position at the coordinates during the test.
◆ Powerful magnifier and high definition screen: results can be judged more easily and more directly. During the whole test, the magnifier would go up and down with the indenter, which means it only needs to be focused once.
◆ High precision raster displacement sensor: locate accurately with precision of ±0.1mm.
◆ The lifting distance of the indenter can be settled freely between 0 to 18mm.
◆ The max. width of test panel can be 90mm.

BGD 310   Automatic Cupping Tester

Technical Parameters

■ Diameter of punch: ф20mm(0.8 inch)
■ Maximum dent depth: 18mm
■ Maximum depress power: 2,500N
■ Precision of dent: 0.01mm
■ Suitable thickness of test pane:0.03mm-1.25mm
■ Weight: 20Kg
■ Dimensions: 230×300×280mm (L×W×H)


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