Headphone plug plug torsion life testing machine


The machine is suitable for all kinds of headphones plug rotating plug life testing, the test method is: the headphones plug male female side clamping on the clamp around respectively, set up a good number of plug, adjust good plug stroke and speed, set up and the Angle of rotation speed and rotation of interval number, after N times plug rotation test, remove the earphone plug test its performance.

Headphone plug plug torsion life testing machine

Equipment characteristics

1.Stepper motor as rotary power source, stable, reliable and durable performance, accurate positioning.

2.Earphone plug test distance is adjustable, suitable for different products test.

3.TFT4.3 “true color LCD touch screen and programmable controller for motion control,

4.Touch screen setting rotation Angle, rotation speed, test times, test interval pause time.

5.This machine is suitable for double earphone plug station test

Headphone plug plug torsion life testing machine

Main technical indicators

Control modePLC+ touch screen
Drive structureeccentric wheel
Speed range5~80 times /min (optional)
Plug test stroke0~50mm (adjustable)
Rotation Angle0~360° (optional)
Minimum display Angle0.1 degree
Plug center spacing range0~80mm (adjustable)
Frequency setting1~99999999 (optional)
Machine sizeabout 800(W)x450(D)x500(H)mm
Machine weight80Kg
Power supplyAC 220V/50Hz


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