LR-211 Mobile phone,Button key life testing machine


Button key life testing machine is widely used to test various keys and the service life of the keyboard.


This machine is a 3-station key life testing machine, which USES the step motor drive eccentric structure to make the table move up and down,Thus making the key or keyboard move relative to the probe.

LR-211 Mobile phone,Button key life testing machine


Adopts This machine high-end technology – touch screen control

1. The Machine model: LR- 211;

2. Power supply: AC220V, 50/60hz;

3. Mechanical reciprocating design, with stepping motor transmission, up and down compression will mechanism using linear bearing motion, accurate positioning test, smooth operation;

4 Using touch screen control, the maximum count reaches 99999999 times;

5. Touch screen control can be used to directly set the test speed;

6. Five stations are tested at the same time, with simple operation and accurate detection;

7. Low voltage control, safe and reliable.


LR-211 Mobile phone,Button key life testing machine

Technical parameters

Control mode: touch screen Control

The Test speed: 0-200 RPM adjustable

Number of tests: 99999999

Madda: step motor

Height adjustment: manual and direct adjustment

Machine size: 1000 *500 *1050mm

Electric source: 1 trip,220V,6A or less

Weight: about 120 kg

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