ASTM D5264 Ink Rub Tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance and decolorization degree of ink, printed matter and color printing box.

Principle of ink decolorization testing machine:
The machine is tested by rubbing with white glossy paper (or white book paper) to determine the degree of wear resistance and decolorization.
According to this instrument, gb GB7706 conforms to JIS5701 and ISO9000 JIS-507-1, TAPPI-UM486, GB7706, ASTM D5264 standard.

The friction block reciprocates in a straight line and horizontally.About 60 mm
Operation mode: LED display
Sample area: 60x220mm
Friction speed: the speed can be adjusted (21/43/85/106) r/min
Friction load: 2lb/4lb
Friction stroke: 60mm
Frequency setting: 0-999999 automatic stop
Friction area: 50x156mm
Machine power: 40W
Machine size: 263x230x350mm WxDxH
Machine weight: 15kg
Operating voltage: AC 220V 50/60hz 1A

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