Leather rubbing fastness tester in the experiment of dyeing vamp, lining of leather, after friction damage and decoloring degree, can be used as dry and wet rubbing two kinds of test, test method based on dry or wet white wool cloth, hammer on the friction surface, and then the specimens of reciprocating friction clamp on the test bench, with power off memory function in the unit test vamp, lining leather dyeing, after friction damage and decoloring.



Number of measuring devices: 1

Sample size: 120*20mm

Friction blanket size: 15*15mm

Friction stroke: 38±2mm

Test speed: 40±2cpm

Specimen tensile range: 0~20%

Test column load: 500± 10g

Counter: LCD 0~ 999,999

Size: 31*43*48cm

weight:33 kg

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ


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