The machine is manufactured according to the standard, and specially tests the number of heels of women’s shoes with high heels and heels.In a certain amount of energy and frequency, the machine can hit the heel continuously and the heel fatigue fracture to understand the heel’s continuous stress bearing index, and determine the durable quality of the heel.

By standard: bs-5131

  1. Hit energy: 0.68J/blow
  2. Strike frequency: 60 times/min
  3. Swing arm: 12.5mm in diameter
  4. Hammer: 57mm diameter, 20mm(D)
  5. Blunt blade: 20 * 6 * (W * D * L) 35 mm, 3 mm (R)
  6. Specimen holder adjustable scope: up to 90 mm (H), around ~ 80 mm (W), Angle of 0 ~ 180 °
  7. Counter: 0~999999
  8. Power supply: 1. AC220V,3A


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