Steel core tester is applicable to leather shoes hook heart the determination of the longitudinal bending stiffness, the principle is to induce heart followed by fixed ends, front end load load, make its produce bending deformation, and then induce heart bending deflection measurement, to calculate hook bending stiffness of the heart,

Standard: BS- 5131/4.18, QB/T1812, T1813

Rear claw length: 32mm

After clip before clamping jaw muscle Angle: 10 °

After the holder adjustable Angle: 30 °

The code: 200 plus or minus 1g by 4

Volume: 33 by 16 by 30cm

Weight: 11.9kg

Special quantity card length: 60 + 0.02mm

Front clamping thickness: 12mm

Deflection scale: 0~10mm (minimum scale 0.01 mm)


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