Mobile phone soft press testerUse
Mobile phone soft press tester is suitable for mobile phone and other products.With a certain hardness of silica gel as the pressure head, driven by the cylinder, adjust a certain pressure, measure the number of times to see the extent of damage.

Mobile phone soft press tester

1. Reasonable and unique structure design, fully applicable to different types of mobile phones.
2. Stable operation, low noise and maintenance free.

Mobile phone soft press tester

Technical parameters
1. Number of stations: 1 per set
2. Actuator: cylinder
3. Pressure range: 10 ~ 500N (adjustable) test extrusion pressure: 250N
4. Sitting pressure frequency: 1 ~ 30 times/min (adjustable)
5. Sitting pressure head: soft pressure head (silica gel material)
6. Support surface for sitting pressure: elastic woven belt (can be specified)
7. Maximum allowable size of specimen: W200xD100xH40mm
8. Counter: 8 bits (built-in)
9. Voltage: 220V
10. Air source: 0.5mpa
11. Overall dimension: W550 x D480 x H1180mm
12. Weight: 80kg

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